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Plein Air Painting Kit

I have used a number of easels and pochade boxes over the years, many of them homemade. Each new design became lighter each time and more convenient to use. A quick and easy set up is key to seizing those painting opportunities that I come across whilst out exploring the landscape. Being light on my feet also frees me to explore further and for longer as I'm not wasting all that energy lugging around too much bulk and weight!

My kit currently consists of a lightweight aluminium easel and a wooden framed pochade box with correx panels.

My favourite brushes are a range of Filberts with the occasional Egbert and Flat for more expressive and loose marks.

My favourite oil paints are Michael Harding's. His pigments are top rate and have never let me down!

Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Michael Harding Oils. This is my favourite yellow, the pigment load is rich and the colour strong, bright and clean and I can create a range of yellows.

Napthol Red, Michael Harding Oils. I chose this red because it is a bright clean red which I find can produce a greater range of red hues and the brightest of pinks.

Alizarin Claret, Michael Harding Oils. This is my ‘cool’ red which I use to mix cooler colours and darker tones. This is a permanent version of Alizarin Crimson.

Ultramarine Blue, Michael Harding Oils. This had always been my main blue as its darker than cobalt blue and can achieve a greater range of blues.

Phthalo Blue & Zinc, Michael Harding Oils. I tend to use this when I need a lighter clean blue, usually for skies and blue tits! It can also be added to Ultramarine to create another blue that leans more towards a cobalt blue. It is a very strong pigment and is best used sparingly.

Raw Umber, Michael Harding Oils. An excellent deep dark brown which can also be mixed with my red and yellow to achieve a warm brown.


Cadmium Orange, Michael Harding Oils.

Transparent Oxide Red, Michael Harding Oils.

Yellow Ochre, Michael Harding Oils.

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