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Artworks sold online are framed and ready to hang unless stated otherwise. If you have any specific requests regarding framing please email: or you can get in touch via the contact page.

Each frame is handcrafted to suit the painting. The framing process begins by first applying gesso to the obeche frame. This provides a hard, smooth base for layering colour finishes using a tonal palette chosen to work well with the painting. 

An antique gold leaf finish is sometimes applied where it suits the painting, using traditional water gilding and 22- 23ct loose gold leaf. 

Other frames are painted in luxury pigment rich paints by Farrow & Ball and Little Greene.

Each frame is protected with a soft wax finish. 


The back of the frame has strong metal fittings and framing cord.


'Tranquil Summer Sea'

Farrow and Ball painted frame.

'Elins Tower, South Stack'

Farrow and Ball painted frame with gold leaf edge using traditional water gilding techniques.


'Incoming Tide'

Ash frame finished with a liming wax.


'Dawn Light reaching the Gulls'

Traditional handmade gesso layers with added pigments that match the artists palette. 

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